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The family of Wan Li Zhu emigrated to America seeking new opportunities. Wan Li benefited from high-quality public education at Bronx High School of Science and went on to a perfect grade-point average at MIT. He studied under renowned quant wiz Andrew Lo and was poised for a career on Wall Street but was lured away by the prospect of hands-on responsibility for product features at Microsoft. After a prodigiously successful stint, during which he was involved in building and marketing Dynamics CRM, Microsoft’s fastest-growing product, he went to Harvard Business School. From HBS he was recruited by early-stage VC firm Fairhaven Capital.

The firm, known for its expertise in web security and digital advertising, now sees promise in various applications of artificial intelligence starting with self-driving technology. Wan Li is deeply engaged in bringing on the next generation of winning investments at Fairhaven Capital. Despite a busy professional life, Wan Li Zhu has found time to advise startups and to co-found MIT Angels in Boston. I learned a ton from my conversation with this wise, yet unassuming early-stage VC and angel.


  • Wan Li Zhu Bio

  • Studied with MIT Professor Andrew Lo – Used Natural Language Processing to Assess Market Sentiment

  • Why Wan Li Zhu Went to Microsoft – Three Years at MS – Shipped Three Versions of the Product

  • Wan Li Zhu Connects with Fairhaven Capital through HBS Resume Book

  • Fairhaven Capital Is Thesis-driven – Attentive to Market Trends that Could Create Large Opportunities

  • How the Fairhaven Capital Portfolio Is Doing

  • What Wan Li Zhu Looks for in a Startup Investment

  • Experienced Founders Can Actually Time Markets

  • TVision Came Via MIT Angels – Measuring Engagement of TV Viewers

  • AirFox – Enabling Wireless Carriers to Offer More Affordable Data Plans

  • MIT Angels Company PathAI’s Deep Learning System Is Better at Detecting Tumor Cells than Human Pathologists

  • Latch – Enterprise-grade Keyless Access System for Apartment Buildings

  • The Investment Wan Li Zhu Regrets Not Making

  • Wise VC Wan Li Zhu Continues to Be Very Bullish on AI

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