The Toxic Avenger Got Another Pass


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We're talking about the 1984 cult classic, The Toxic Avenger, today and how it went right! To do that, Case gets a chance to talk to Mark Torgl, who was the script supervisor on the movie as well as the actor who played the human form of The Toxic Avenger himself. He also chats with Mitch Punpayuk from Geek Elite Media at the top and bottom of the show about the property as a whole!

This episode is dedicated to Nick Cordero and Geoff Waltz, who worked on The Toxic Avenger Musical with Case during its Off-Broadway run back in 2009 and whom we lost this year.

Find Mitch at or on Twitter at @MitchipediaGEM

Find Mark on Twitter at @marktorgl and his film, Toxic Tutu at

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