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This week we have Marie-Laure Cruyt, Chief Product Officer at AppTweak, to answer all of your ASO questions.

You will discover what's working in app store optimization today, the factors that drive keyword rankings, and are black hat ASO strategies worth it?

Topic Covered:

  • 06:47 - Backlinks and keyword rankings
  • 07:48 - What you should be focusing on for Google Play keyword rankings?
  • 09:47 - Keyword density for Google Play
  • 24:46- Does revenue impact iOS keyword rankings?
  • 26:45 - Should you soft launch your app?
  • 39:46 - How long does it take to rank for keywords?
  • 40:47 - Should you launch with all your IAPs free?
  • 42:46 - When should I hire someone to help with ASO?
  • 46:47 - All about app bundles
  • 55:47 - Do other localizations help other countries?


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