2019 Appaloosa World Championship Show Check in Procedures - EP31


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This episode I pass on the new check in procedures for the 2019 Appaloosa World show. I talk about the ApHC National Championship Endurance Ride and the first ever ApHC National Championship Competitive Trail Ride, being held in Vanita, OK on October 25 & 26. I also give a follow up with the last episode where I announced that the PtHA (Pinto Horse Association) is now accepting Characteristic Appaloosas into their Solid Show Registry, and then I bring you up to speed with all of the Motions that the ApHC Board of Directors have made so far this year. Which ones have passed, which ones didn't and which ones were sent back to Committees. I will explain how the ApHC motions process works and ApHC Rule 70. .

Rule 70


70. The Board of Directors shall adopt, amend and/or eliminate a rule and/or regulation only in the following manner.

A. A motion proposing to adopt, amend and/or eliminate a rule and/or regulation shall be approved (approval motion) or disapproved (disapproval motion) by the Board of Directors at a meeting (proposal meeting) conducted at least ninety days before a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

B. All approved motions and disapproved motions shall be published and distributed to the members within sixty days after the proposal meeting along with notice of a regular meeting of the Board of Directors (the rule change meeting) to be conducted at least ninety days following the proposal meeting at which approval motions will be considered by the Board of Directors.

1. Disapproved motions shall not be advanced for a second hearing.

C. Following such publication, distribution and notice of members, the Board of Directors may adopt, amend, and/or eliminate a rule and/or regulation by adopting an approval motion at the rule change meeting. At such rule change meeting the Board of Directors may also make related amendments to the approval motion.

D. Notwithstanding the above, the Board of Directors may adopt, amend, and/or eliminate a rule and/ or regulation at any meeting without following the procedures set forth in this section, provided a separate motion be approved with written findings of fact specific to the rule and/ or regulation being adopted, amended, and/or eliminated and particularly describing how it was determined that the welfare and/or orderly administration of the ApHC will be better served without following the procedure set forth in this section.

E. Changes to rules and regulations pertaining to registration, specif

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