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Appaloosa Horse Club NEWS RELEASE JUNE 4, 2020 

—For the first time ever, the World Championship Appaloosa Show and the World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show will be held together October 29-November 8 at the Will Rogers Equestrian Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Details for the dual World Shows were finalized by the ApHC Board of Directors, which met for 3 hours on Wednesday in special session. The Board had vowed ear ier to try and save this year's Youth World Championships after an earlier cancellation was forced by the nationwide COVID- 1 9 outbreak. "While we were all disappointed by the cancellation, it opened the door to trying something new, different and exciting," said ApHC President Ken Johnson. "Holding the two World Shows together, which has never happened before, will make this truly a 'family affair.' I applaud the Board of Directors for taking this novel approach and for helping to give our youth exhibitors, the very lifeblood or our club, the kind or show they so richly deserve. It's going to be a great event. Details of the show schedule will be released soon, but nearly 80 youth classes will be offered over a 5-day period. In other action, the Board also agreed, on a permanent basis, to raise youth eligibility from 18-and-under to 19- and-under, beginning in 2021. This followed a request by the Appaloosa Youth Association (AYA) to expand youth eligibility. This will also impact classes currently held in divisions. For example, current age groups of 12-and-under, 13- 5 and 16-18 will become 13-and-under, 14-16 and 17-19. The only class not impacted is leadline, which will remain 6-and-under. "Following lengthy discussions by the full Board, as well as by the Show and Rules Committees, we believe that raising youth eligibility next year to 19-years-old will stimulate participation at our Regional Shows, while also benefitting the ApHC and our members for years to come," Johnson continued. "It's definitely a win-win for everyone and gives all of our youth participants that extra year of eligibility that we promised them because of COVID-19 — but now they'll also be getting it permanently." The Board also approved new rules for green horse eligibility, raising the limit for points from 10 to IS. Additional rule changes and updates were also unanimously approved for Ranch Trail, All rule changes which have been approved by the Board this year will be posted on the ApHC's website in the coming weeks and then
Question that I have received already, for BOD Candidates.
What are the plans for modernizing the registration process? Is there a plan to allow registering horses online? What are the plans for updating the web site, and member dashboard?

I would like to know why they are not willing to implement a working HUS division. The AQHA and NSBA both just demonstrated how HUGE and SUCCESSFUL these classes are when judged correctly. Hunters are not western horses in English tack. I am tired of hearing about how they do not have funds when this is a division that could generate funds. Why is it not being run in tests at regional shows with specialty judges or at specialty shows (true working hunter shows) with points that would count fully?

Why are appaloosa breeders being expected to foot an even bigger registration bill at time of registry. Such as in the case in registration fee as well as being forced to DNA and parentage verify at time of registering. That fee does nothing to bonus revue for the club. Why not continue as it is now as a option or offer discounted rates at time of transfer. For small breeding operation DNAing mares, and foals ad

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