Guido Groet (Luxexcel) on Solving Prescription for Fashionable AR Smartglasses


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Guido Groet is the Chief Strategy Officer of Luxexcel, a company that’s able to 3D print optical-quality lenses for smart eyewear.

Earlier in his career, Guido worked for many years in both Europe and the USA for technology giant ASML, which is a world leader in semiconductor equipment. He’s held VP positions in Finance, Business development, M&A, and Strategy development. He was also CFO and then CEO of a venture-back company in disruptive high tech manufacturing technologies.

Now at Luxexcel Guido is in charge of all commercial and strategic aspects of 3D printing of smart eyewear lenses. Luxexcel has been in the news recently for their partnerships with Lumus and WaveOptics where together they’re able to encase the waveguides within 3D-printed prescription lenses.

In this conversation, Guido’s talks about the challenges of finding product-market fit, particularly for technologies that don’t perfectly fit industry’s pre-conceived notion of how things have been done...or should be done.

We get into the meat of the technology and where it goes from here. He also shares his perspective on how and where smartglasses will find early success. Here he believes smartglasses will find success when we’re able to make fashionable glasses with some functionality, rather than focusing on field of view or functionality to the detriment of fashion.

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