Question Of The Week - Episode 59


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Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Question Of The Week. This week, we answer a question from Frank who is having some monitor issues with a bootleg Ms. Pac Man/Galaga arcade game. Enjoy!
Question: What a great web site. Lots of useful info and I hope you can help me with a repair problem. A friend of mine bought (in 2005) what seems to be a bootleg Ms. Pac Man/Galaga arcade game nearly identical to this one: Same Weiya 2820HR chassis, same Panasonic tube A48KXR92X00. I can find no info about the tube. Re-branded maybe? The monitor went blind shortly after. The first thing I found was the HOT exploded. I found a chunk of it in the bottom of the cabinet. The Weiya 2820 specs 56 ohms on the vertical yoke and 2 ohms on the horizontal. I'm reading 3 ohms on the horizontal yoke. My question is: is that enough to fry the HOT after a short period of time? How should I proceed from here? Find a chassis more compatible with the tube, find a tube to suit the chassis, or just replace the HOT and see what happens next? Thank You for your time, Frank

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