Question Of The Week - Episode 61


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Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Question Of The Week. This week, we answer a question from Dave who has an In The Groove 2 (similar to Dance Dance Revolution) arcade cabinet and is experiencing a large amount of static buildup on his replacement CRT TV screen. Enjoy!
Question: I've been slowly restoring a dance machine (ITG 2) and it has a replacement 32" Samsung CRT TV as its monitor. It's been working great and the picture is fine; however, there is an unusual amounts of static building up on it; more than a normal CRT. It's to the point when I make contact with the glass bezel it shocks me for no more than 120v and it makes the screen flicker and interrupts the marquee speakers. I understand the build up ions and static charge and how when I touch it, it grounds and interrupts the electric field and can interrupt sound components. I was wondering if there is a way to minimize or remove the static charge and if I should be concerned. I've tested the outlets and they are grounded properly. I've watched most of not all the monitor videos (haven't performed any repairs myself yet) and I can't recall you guys ever addressing something like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dave

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