Question Of The Week - Episode 63


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Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Question Of The Week. This week, we answer a question from Scott who is having some problems with the joystick controls on an Arch Rivals cabinet he picked up in a storage auction. Enjoy!
Question: Hey there guys. I've been watching a few of your insightful videos and thought you could help me out a little with problem I'm having with my 1989 Arch Rivals arcade cabinet by Atari. The game has mostly original parts and is JAMMA as far as I can tell. I got this cabinet in a storage auction and was so excited when it turned on with working sound when I got it home as I hadn't gotten a chance to test it yet. The coin mechs seem to work and register credits on all 4 of the slots (yes 4 slots for a two player game). The monitor seems to everything lined up and colored correctly but there is a problem with my characters on-screen I am controlling. They like to dance around a bit as if they could move but never leave the corner. I've replaced buttons and one of the joysticks thinking that would solve my problem so far. Everything seems to be react when pressed/moved so I really just want to know how to proceed from here. Any help is greatly appreciated and I'm hoping to attach a short game play video in order to show you what I mean. Thanks in advance, Scott

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