Question Of The Week - Episode 65


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Welcome to the Arcade Repair Tips Question Of The Week. This week, we answer a question from Adam who is wondering if he can upgrade the ROM chips on his Street Fighter 2 arcade board to get more characters. Enjoy!
Question: I'm the same guy you called about the Street Fighter 2 World Warrior game. I just bought this Street Fighter 2 game in a Defender cabinet for $100. I was able to fix the vertical collapse with one of your awesome videos. Now I want to upgrade the ROMs because it would be nice to have a few more characters to play with. When I worked in an arcade in the 90's we would get the roms and replace them in the boards, but I can't remember if it worked for the original Street Fighter 2 game or not. By searching ebay for 'Street Fighter chip' I can find people selling them but I would rather not waste time and money on random purchases if it wont work at all. Here is one of the eBay listings: Any help would be awesome. Thanks, Adam

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