ZONE by Russell Corey - Part One - Chapters 1 through 4


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itunes pic - ZONE - Part One - Chapters 1 through 4 - The world slowly changes with the sudden, unexpected appearance of the ZONES, black rectangular doorways that randomly appear all over the world. No one knows where you go, when you go in a ZONE, because every time someone goes all the way in a ZONE, they never come back. TAGS: Joe Rogan, Park Predators, Crime Junkie, GURU, The Daily, New York Times, Call Her Daddy, Deep Cover, The Ben Shapiro Show, Unlocking Us, Crime Countdown, Bloodties, Dateline NBC, Up First, My Favorite Murder, Office Ladies, Pod Save America, Armchaire Expert, Literally!, 1619, Morbid, Stupid Stuff You Should Know, Dirty Diana, Missing in Alaska, Star Wars, Mandalorian, Lucasfilm, Blockbuster, Wondery, Make Money, Earn Cash, Science Fiction, audiobooks, Kindle, Tesla, C8 Corvette, Model Y, Cybertruck, Cyber Truck, SpaceX, NASA, 2020, Trump, Biden, Election, COV-19, Corona Virus, Masks, Akimbo, True Crime, 2nd Civil War, Civil War 2, Marvel, MCU, DCU, DC

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