Estrogen Waves & The Ups and Downs of Healing


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Are You Menstrual? –
In this episode, we cover a topic we get endless questions and DM’s about--the ups and downs of the healing journey and specifically what causes this--shifts in estrogen or what we like to call estrogen waves. Healing isn’t linear, but man, sometimes it is rough. We’ve been there. You see some improvements, then your next cycle hits you like a bag of bricks, you’re breaking out, and your clothes are getting tighter. When starting our healing journey, we often have a picture in our minds of what this will look like. Typically we are thinking of feeling better after a few weeks or a couple of months, and while this is the case for some people, sometimes it takes longer, and most women feel a little worse before they feel better. This is all a result of your body adjusting to its environment and rebalancing hormones and minerals.
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