10: My mind says no, but my arms say yes (Sweet Valley High #20: Crash Landing!)


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Dear Miss Manners:
I have fallen in love with a girl who is not my girlfriend. I was very conflicted about this, but once I held her in my arms, I knew that she was the one for me. However, the power of my feelings may or may not have caused me to go and crash my airplane with my girlfriend in it. My arms ache for my true love, but my girlfriend isn't walking now, and no amount of cry-screaming into her neck is helping her feel better. What should I do?
Yours truly,
George Warren
Sweet Valley, California
Please respond to: aytgpodcast@gmail.com

PS: This book (Sweet Valley High #20: Crash Landing!, by Francine Pascal [1985]) talks about women's eating and weight in a way that is double-plus-not okay. Consequently, your podcasters are giving this episode a trigger warning.
PPS: Other topics for discussion: The Book It! campaign, My Favorite Murder podcasts (especially the minisodes), the Even the Rich podcast, and Double Love for all things Sweet Valley High. We love a podcast with a strong female team!
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