13: Let's Talk About MATH, Bay-Bee (Janet Adele Bloss' Fifth Grade Secrets)


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Welcome to Episode 13, where we track down an out-of-print book from Moira's childhood... and then figure out WHY it's gone out-of-print. With Fifth Grade Secrets (1985), by Janet Adele Bloss, we introduce the implausibility scale (this one's a factor 10) and then discuss how easy it is for our protagonist to basically start a cult through..... health food?
Other topics for discussion: CleanTok and the confession of our own embarrassing fifth grade secrets. Come join us!
TW: While this book steers clear of body image and weight issues, there is a lot (A LOT) of stuff about food. If you have struggled with disordered eating, you may wish to skip this one.
In two weeks: SIXTH Grade Secrets, by Louis Sachar. See you then!

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