#423 Pinc Louds Saved Our Summer


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Lead singer of Pinc Louds, Claudi, sat down with standup comedian @Ari Shaffir in Tompkins Square Park NYC to talk about busking and street performing in general. The summer could have gone in two directions. We could have shut ourselves in, and given into the gloom and doom of the news, or we could've gotten out there and taken back our city. And Pinc Louds were among the many outsider artists who took charge and said "We're not going down without a fight." That fight involved socially distanced mosh pits and meetups in the park to watch some actual live music. We could've lost this summer, but at least in the East Village of New York City, Pinc Louds saved it. Pinc Louds saved our summer.

Podcaster Ari Shaffir interviews Claudi of Pinc Louds about one of the most interesting summers in New York City's history.

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