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Recovering coke enthusiast and comedian Chloe LaBranche tells me about all her many trips to rehab. This one was WILD. So many great stories from Chloe about a world that’s waaaay interesting and for some reason never really gets talked about too much. At 16 Chloe lived cooler than I do right now. I'm a dork. Your podcast host is a dork compared to this lady. It was a really fun episode by someone who’s willing to share everything without worried about being judged, which is everybody’s favorite type of podcast host.

I go over the Chappelle/Netflix situation in the intro. Finally, a network executive has put into words that standup comedy is an art form and shouldn’t be regulated by anyone. Let’s hope this creates a new standard and allows all network execs to follow the amazing lead of Ted Sorandos and just leaves us alone to agitate some while entertaining the people who sign up to be entertained. Everybody else can take your anti-art stance and move into your place alongside the Taliban as they blow up antiquities. Because that’s the side they’re on. They’re on the side of getting rid of art and we’re on the side of enjoying art. Which side do you want to be on?

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