Clutter Versus Chaos


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September 24, 2020 I’m that person that’s bothered by clutter. A house can look lived in but it can’t come across as being cluttered. Yet! I find fuel in chaos. I’m huge on time management and will still figure out ways to stuff more things onto my Google calendar. I’ll get in long deep conversations that bring chaos to the decisions being made then laugh about it when we break free. Clutter versus Chaos. During these days of continued social distancing where businesses and schools still can’t open at full capacity there’s a tremendous amount of global clutter. We’re unable to turn this planet into a giant living room and order the kids to pick up their dirty socks, put your plate and fork in the sink and please do your homework. Nope! All of that clutter is sitting there like a slow moving hurricane trying to lineup with the right section of land that it’s going to wreak havoc with. On this podcast episode we’re gonna attempt to find some focus in the words, thoughts and actions that are creating reaction. Taking all of this clutter and turning it into acceptable chaos. I call it: Controlled Chaos. Most of us wake up each morning feeling like we’re ten feet below something we can’t identify. The evidence of constant change. The ringing in our ears isn’t a whisper but a reminder. A nagging vibration of who we used to be rather than a feeling of where we are growing. Do we run? Should we swim? Nobody has promised us an open field but in all of this clutter it feels like there’s one out there. It reminds of a skyscraper in New York City. It’s looks to be three blocks away and by the time you get there it feels like you walked ten miles. Life is no longer a mystery. Not with social media. Your every step and breath has been shaped by the presence of the world’s clutter. Anxiety’s bite is an open wound that’s too sore to bandage. It sits there looking at us hoping that each new decision is fed by its presence and delivery. Clutter! So how can we turn it into chaos? The first step is to put your eyes back on your path and not the world’s wonder and worry. Get into your moment of Now by being mindful of what you can control. Chaos can be shaped and reshaped without having to throw another Lego block onto the floor. That’s clutter. Know who you are and what you can handle. Stop trying to write the story before history’s been made. Yeah there’s a very important election coming. You’re only job is to vote or don’t vote. The results aren’t in your hands. Nor are the cluttered actions and reactions that will follow. Find your peace by being present with peace. Your conscious and subconscious mind are being brutally beat up by the headlines or lack of communication. When confronted with clutter I write down three points of view. Mine. The Clutter Makers. And how does the universe or God see it? It helps to clear the clutter by turning it into chaos that can be used as fuel. We’ve all been reshaped. It’s time for you get to know you. Be nice. We don’t need any more clutter.

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