Ken McNab Releases The Book And In The End


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In AND IN THE END, McNab reconstructs for the first time the seismic events of 1969, when The Beatles reached new highs of creativity and new lows of the internal strife that would destroy them. Between the pressure of being filmed during rehearsals and writing sessions for the documentary Get Back, their company Apple Corps facing bankruptcy, Lennon's heroin use, and musical disagreements, the group was arguing more than ever before and their formerly close friendship began to disintegrate. AND IN THE END draws on more than 30 interviews, many with people who have never spoken publicly before, such as Les Parrot, a cameraman on "Let It Be"; Bruce McBroom, the photographer who conducted the band's last shoot; Derek Seagrove, an Abbey Road employee depicted on the album's cover; Roy Connolly, a journalist caught between the Lennon and McCartney camps; and Russ Gibbs, the Detroit DJ on the ground floor of the "Paul Is Dead" conspiracy. All have fascinating insights into how the band, in the middle of disharmony and rancor, created the ragged genius of Abbey Road, their incredible farewell love letter to the world.

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