Play It Forward Episode 122 With Sonia Manzano From Sesame Street


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Hey it’s Arroe. This is Play It Forward. A look at the unexpected changes endured by entertainers, writers, camera people and all others affected but not infected by the global invasion of the Coronavirus. Real people. Real stories. The struggle to Play It Forward. Episode 122: During an unprecedented time when the world truly must come together as one, Sonia Manzano, “Sesame Street’s” beloved character Maria, offers readers warmth and wit in a timely picture book that looks across cultures and generations to celebrate what unites us, wherever we come from. Found within this unique title, Manzano’s lyrical touch combined with stunning photography of people from dozens of countries around the world — including Thailand, Egypt, France, the U.S. and countless more — explores how all of our lives are enriched by our geographic and cultural diversity. Kids will see how people around the world look, dress and spend their day, and learn that what we enjoy and value — friends, family, food, play — may sometimes look different, but deep down is the same wherever you go. That’s Play It Forward. You can listen to the full conversations with these artists on three different podcasts. Like Its Live, Unplugged and Totally Uncut and View from the Writing Instrument found on all digital platforms.

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