The Difference


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September 25, 2020 I am amazed at how something as simple as a passing tropical storm plays out in our moment of Now. Especially when it marches through the city long before sunrise. We decide to either make it a great day or take on the image of the heavy dark gray wet clouds. Maybe it’s because it’s 2020. Everything that comes into play seems to carry weight. A squirrel drops his acorn and it feels like the end of the world. Every step in forward motion and emotion is challenged by the depth of our decision to turn it into a moment of drama or just another event we have no control over. On this podcast episode we go inside to talk about how being natural looks like a ticket to physically run away. To hide. To bury ourselves under a blanket and binge watch extremely bad television. Sadly we aren’t supposed to treat Friday’s like a Saturday or Sunday. It’s still a workday in a world that has every right to keep people away from gathering in the workplace due to a virus that none of us brought to this zone. Yet we have to face the crud and all its unglamorous reality like big boys and girls with giant boots on our feet so we don’t get wet. Mentally the entire world is being led through a huge storm. Not just you. Not just me. The world! Everybody! Chefs, musicians, magicians, comedians, teachers, CEO’s, preachers and even the people of homelessness. We are in the center of an event that without a doubt has to be treated everyday with caution because living with uncertainty is forcing too many of us to make decisions that will have an effect on our families two decades from now. Look at yourself in the mirror and whisper these words, “I’m not a super hero. I am not a state or national leader. I’m plain ole every day me with literally no ability to walk into a Walmart and ask for my money back on a product that was never purchased there.” I hate it when the mail carrier drops stuff off my box. Which bill is it today? Oh it’s another politicians spouting their propaganda. Oh look Val Pac is still trying to convince me to use them like a coupon! How does AARP know how old I am? Throw it on the stack. I’ll come back. Honestly… How large is that pile of envelopes? We’re looking like hoarders. Not just in the physical sense but within the channels of a self that’s been forced to plant their feet in a chapter of history that could’ve been prevented but the human ego got in the way. The choice becomes a reason to look away. We’ll deal with it another day. Our moodiness is blamed on the passing rain. The one thing I’m noticing during Zoom meetings is how people are beginning to wear the world in their eyes. Remember those old photos your parents had that featured people that never smiled. Mom used to tell me, “Don’t judge. They were living tough times.” We’re barely into this pandemic and Zoom people are showcasing their empty eyes and reasons to no longer believe in the spirit of pushing their bums into better times. Go ahead say it, “That’s not true. Dude you need to get with a different group.” Yep paint that picture. Make it all seem pretty pink. If you don’t want people to judge your book by its cover then we need to make the empowered decision to turn this moment of Now into a victory. I was with Rock legend Damon Johnson yesterday. We spoke openly about the walk and way of the everyday normal person and vowed to continue using our creative energy to get inside the process of bringing people forward. It begins with believing in your gifts given at birth. Just because there’s no payoff now doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have an impact on your future possibilities. Don’t turn yourself off. Be a light to those eyes you stare into while in the bathroom. Talk to that person in the mirror. Let them know you care about the vibration that’s quaking the situation. You can’t be anything to anyone else unless you are to yourself first. If the world was perfect we’d all be essential employees still working. But that’s not how the cards were laid out. Pick up a different deck and put value in the core of your soul that’s been sidelined by a career that wanted a bigger paycheck over happiness. You are the President and CEO of Me Incorporated. Don’t fail you because of a pandemic. Lead yourself and others toward a victory.

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