Art Dealer Diaries: Podcast Highlights (Part 1) Epi. 154 - Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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About 10 years or so ago I decided I wanted to capture the voices of those in my profession. At the time I was thinking of the dealer community - mostly because, let's face it, we're getting older. I figured if I captured these voices somehow, their stories wouldn't be lost forever. When I eventually started the podcast, the project evolved into one that would document all of the various segments of Southwest art. Artists, critics, writers, editors, collectors, and more.
So three years and 150+ episodes later I figured it was time for a small break. Until new episodes return this Fall, I'll be posting compilations of some of my favorite Art Dealer Diaries moments. Part one features (in order) western artist Mark Maggiori, executive director of SWAIA Kim Peone, Rolling Stone Magazine's first photographer Baron Wolman, Diné artist Tony Abeyta, pop western artist Billy Schenck, and sculptural installation artist Leonardo Drew. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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