Bill Anton: Western Oil Painter - Epi. 170, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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View Bill Anton's newest painting "Stirrup Deep" here:
Now, I've done a long-format podcast with Bill, but you know, he brought this painting in that we just got for the gallery and it's such a fantastic painting. It's one of those really inspirational works that when you stare at it long enough it just grabs you and pulls you in and boy did this painting grab me.
So I thought, you know, let's just go do a podcast and see what happens. Talk about the painting, talk about what's going on in Bill's life, stuff like that. Surprise, surprise - It turned into a wonderful conversation. We spoke about all different types of artists, from Maynard Dixon to Jim Reynolds to Matt Smith to Josh Elliott.
This is more technical in some respects because we really talk about composition and how somebody goes about turning a study into a fully formed painting, which is what Bill did with the painting that brought him to the gallery in the first place.
He's such an animated individual and loves what he does. I would encourage you to watch this one on YouTube if you can because just watching his body language, how he gets excited about what he does, and why he does it, in turn, makes you excited.

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