Bruce Hartman: Former Director, Nerman Museum of Art (Part 2): - Epi. 166, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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I had Bruce Hartman on today, which was so much fun. He's a natural, gregarious, happy individual, and he's always been that way. I've known him for 20 plus years and any time I've ever seen him at a show (which is usually where I see him) he's always laughing and giggling and just having a great time. You see, Bruce absolutely loves art and is a very knowledgeable former art professional having just retired after 30 years as Executive Director and Chief Curator at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.
At first glance, you may get the impression that contemporary art was Bruce's main focus at the museum, but don't let that fool you. He knows an incredible amount on the subject of Native American art. His father and mother collected prehistoric and then historic Indian art, which got Bruce's artistic entanglement going very early in life, resulting in him becoming one of the foremost authorities on Native American paintings, from both historic to contemporary - as well as Zuni fetishes.
It was a longer interview than normal, not because of any particular reason other than Bruce is such an interesting individual. I just couldn't stop listening and, you know, those are the best interviews as far as I'm concerned. As a result, this podcast will be split into two parts. This is part two of the Bruce Hartman podcast.

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