Ed Mell: Celebrated Arizona Artist (Part One) - Epi. 152, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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Ed Mell came by the studio today and I was thrilled to be able to record a 2-part podcast with him. Honestly, I've been trying to get Ed on the podcast for three whole years. I've had so many people on Art Dealer Diaries talk about Ed Mell in their own podcasts... I think it's probably up to about dozen people now. It's just one of those things, you know? It's hard to get together sometimes especially when a pandemic gets in the way.

Out of all the podcasts I’ve done recently, Ed’s was a podcast I really wanted to do in person. I've known him for 25+ years and for me just being able to sit across the desk from him and have wonderful discussion about his life, all of his accomplishments, the people that have influenced him throughout his life and made him who he is and what he is, was a gift for me. He's just such an interesting guy, definitely not the type of person that you get to meet every day.

Ed’s artwork is really important to me and to many, many other people as well. I collect his artwork and have since I've represented him. I personally own numerous Ed Mell works of art including his oil paintings, bronze sculptures, lithographs and display them in my home.

We recorded for two hours. The first hour (Epi. 152) is kind of an origin story for Ed. How he got to become an artist and how he found his way in the world. In the second part (Epi. 153), we go into a bit more detail about the people that influenced him and the types of things he's doing these days. From sculpture to flowers, to figurative works, this is one that everyone needs to listen to. Put it on your hit parade, Ed Mell on Art Dealer Diaries Podcast episode 152.

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