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Today's podcast is a special one because I'm actually the one who's being interviewed and I'm not going to lie, it's kind of different to be on the other side of the mic, so to speak.
This is for Eric Rhoads' program Plein Air Podcast (which is a wonderful podcast by the way), having done over 200 interviews and it's a historically artist-centric podcast so for me to be on it was really quite an honor. Eric wanted to get a sense of what it was like from my end, handling artists, how a dealer thinks and how I approach the art business as a whole. We speak at length about what artists should expect if they're looking to get represented by an art gallery and what the expectations are for the artist, from the gallery's perspective.
I enjoyed speaking with Eric and you can hear this all on my podcast, clearly, or you can go listen to it on the Plein Air Podcast with Eric Rhoads. Either way, I hope you enjoy and I encourage all of my listeners to give Eric's podcast a go.

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