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I had Glenn Dean on the podcast today. He came to my gallery in Tucson to film this podcast and was a fun podcast. You know, the zoom podcasts are great and they make being able to see and talk to people from a variety of fields much easier, but I must admit - sitting next to somebody and having a meaningful intimate conversation is a whole different ball game, and we did just that.
You see, Glenn is a private person, and recording a podcast is probably not a thing that he's most comfortable with. That being said, the result was wonderful. It was just a great talk and very genuine, and it seemed like he was having a good time too.
Glenn has had a very interesting life. He's self-taught and I've always felt he's one of the most gifted artists that I represent, especially his ability to capture landscapes. Nowadays Glenn is doing more figurative work and it's a step above so many of his contemporaries. The guy just knows how to lay paint down.
It was a great experience getting to learn where his passion originated, he was a boogieboarder (a really good one) and was competing professionally. That could have been his career, but as I'm sure you've figured out by now, he chose a different route.
So for all those who've been waiting to hear Glenn talk about how he got where he is today OR if you're an aspiring artist, this is the podcast for you.
View available painting from the show here:
So enjoy. Glenn Dean.

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