Joan & David Wenger: Art Dealer & Biochemist - Epi. 169, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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I had Joan and David Wenger on today, and it was really it was a great time. In the first part of the podcast, I really go into detail with David about dye analysis of Cochineal, Indigo dyes in serapes.
There's some technical information in there as well, which is great to know and we talk about serapes, early Navajo textiles, and the meaning of dating. We also talk about his life as a biochemist and what all he's done and how he ended up in the Native American area.
Then we pivot to his wife, Joan and they've been together since they were 15. She talks about being a collector and then a dealer, and now she's been dealing with this material for over 50 years and really is one of the earliest dealers that we have in the profession.
So it's fun. It's interesting to hear how they dedicated their lives not only to the profession but just to the arts in general.

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