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This is part two of a two-part podcast.
I had a wonderful talk today with Santa Fe-based oil painter Kathryn Stedham. Kathryn is a very unique human being, to say the least. It's interesting when people are made to be artists, right? Not everyone finds their voice quickly, but it's clear that Kathryn found hers at a very early age.
There were a few foundational aspects of her past that we talk about, from rock climbing and backpacking adventures to spontaneous solo sailing trips down the coast. She also shares stories about her grandfather and her father and how she grew up in this unique situation living on a boat for a good chunk of her childhood.
With all of this going on you can still tell from the way she speaks that her true joy, who she is, and how she relates to the world, all revolves around art. Because of this, Kathryn's paintings have an intrinsic emotional pull. You can easily tell she's a free spirit from looking at her work.
It was so fun talking to her and we went for quite a while so I made this into a two-part podcast. Kathryn Stedham on Art Dealer Diaries Podcast #151.
Stay tuned after the podcast to see additional examples of Kathryn's artwork.
See more of Katheryn's work:
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