Kim Wiggins (Part 1): Western Painter - Epi. 191, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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I had Kim Wiggins on the show today and, wow... He's such an interesting guy. It's fun to be able to have such an erudite and wonderful artist that has such a unique story.
He's from a ranching community in southeastern New Mexico (really close to where I grew up, actually). His father was a photojournalist, a very well-received photojournalist and he started his own paper. He had his own gallery and wrote books on Alfred Morang, Emil Bisttram, and William Lumpkins. Kim was around some of these great artists from time to time. Alexandre Hogue worked with Kim, and I think they did five shows together.
Kim's also a wonderful storyteller. You'll see this in his paintings, too. I think it's really important to look at Kim's work when you listen to this podcast because it gives you a sense of where he's coming from. He believes, and I wholeheartedly agree with him, that he is telling the story of his New Mexican/cowboy culture of where he grew up and the life he knows. In today's world, I think it's important to have something where you can go: "This is mine." And Kim feels that way about the West and about the ideas and emotions he projects through his paintings.
It's a fun podcast and again, he's an interesting individual, so it ran a couple of hours. I'm going to make this two-episode podcast, and this is episode one.

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