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I had Krystii Melaine on the podcast today. She was born and raised in a very small town in southeastern Australia called Bairnsdale and followed her love of art up and down, trying to find her path. Eventually, she found her way into America and started painting Western art, which was a thing she didn't even know existed.
Fast forward to today and she's one of the top artists in America painting wildlife and western figurative realism. She's done Native American subjects as well as cowboy subjects and is in more than 25 museum collections.
It's just really fun to just hear how somebody from a little town in Australia can have a dream that a lot of us in the art world have/ had and pursue it so successfully. That's a big deal, right? To leave your country, leave your family and friends, follow your dream, and find success and security from your passion.
Krystii will tell you her motto is: "How hard could it be?" Well, let me tell you, achieving what Krystii has achieved is incredibly difficult. It's something to be applauded. So if you're anything like me you'll find this podcast very interesting. I had a great time listening to her, she's just so upbeat, fun, and authentic. Krystii Melaine on Art Dealer Diaries Podcast Number 193.

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