Matt Fitzsimons: Author of 'The Counterfeiters of Bosque Redondo' - Epi. 199, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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I had Matt Fitzsims on the podcast today and he wrote a wonderful book called 'The Counterfeiters of Bosque Redondo: Slavery, Silver and the U.S. War Against the Navajo Nation.
I read this book twice, actually. There's so much in-depth history. I feel like you can actually hear the voices of the people sharing their perspectives of these dark times. Truth is, it was a devastating time for the Navajo people from 1849 to their release from Bosque in 1868.
The book not only tells the story of the tragedy but also dives into the actual origin of Navajo metalworking. The book really enlightened me on just how early the Navajo people started working with silver and other metals.
This was a great podcast and Matt is a wonderful human being. I enjoyed our conversation a great deal and I encourage everyone listening to buy the book. It's available July 25th, 2022 but you can preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Matt Fitzsimons on episode 199 of Art Dealer Diaries Podcast.

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