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I had Michael Clawson on the podcast today. I've known Michael for quite a while, he's the executive editor of "Western Art Collector" and "Native American Magazine" and the editor of "American Art Collector" and "American Fine Art Magazine".
You don't hear the backstories of the publishing world or the art world unless you do the sort of deep-dive we did in this episode. I wanted to find out how he became executive editor versus becoming a film critic, which is really something he loved doing and did for many years.
I had a fun interview with Michael and I got caught a couple times talking about myself because he's very good at flipping the conversation and becoming the interviewer. He too is a host of a podcast, the American Art Collective which is an interesting show. You can hear him interview me on his podcast recently, listen to that episode here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/american-art-collective/id1559396390
Again, it was a fun time and an enlightening episode. I think you can learn some interesting things from a person like Michael, let alone all the unique information you'll learn about the publications that exist within the sphere of art.

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