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I had Miriam Shulman on today. Miriam is such an interesting human being and she had to overcome some serious adversity to get where she is today.
Miriam got an art history degree, but because of the way things sometimes go in life, she ended up doing other things. You know, I was a physician who became an art dealer. Well, Miriam was a Wall Street banker and hedge fund associate, but she really needed to be an artist because that's what she was on the inside.
Ultimately, she found her path, but it took some trauma to get there. 9/11 was the incident that pushed her over the top to go and do what she really wanted to do, much like we see today in the pandemic with people going: "I don't think I want to do what I did. I don't want that commute. I don't want to do this. I want to paint. I want to draw. I want to write." So she has a wonderful story of how she went from Wall Street to being behind a canvas.
Nowadays she's a person who has a very successful podcast (The Inspiration Place Podcast) and teaches other artists how to sell, how to work on their careers, and how to be a successful artist in general.
It's really an interesting podcast just because we talk about this what she does for a living, and what she does for a living happens to be very interesting. She's been very successful as an artist and now as a person who helps other people gain the confidence the tools and skills in marketing to sell and make a living from their art. So, anybody who's an artist out there, who or somebody who wants to become an artist, this is a must-listen podcast.

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