Pat & Kim Messier: Native American Art Experts - Epi. 179, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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Today was a two-for-one. I had Pat and Kim Messier on and it was fun because I had them in-house in the studio and we sat side by side and really just had a discussion about their history and how native arts have affected their lives.
Pat is a native Tucsonan who first started working with native arts in 1949. So she's been in the trade and has worked for 60 years with the early Tucson Indian art dealers and knows all the players and is undeniably an authority in the field.
Pat's daughter Kim, who has followed in her footsteps, is really a researcher and a writer at heart. Between the two of them, they have written books on Pueblo and Hopi tiles, a monumental book on jewelry hallmarks (which we use in the gallery), articles for Native American Art Magazine, and a book on the trading post Garden of the Gods. So they have lots of things that they've written, and they have a new book coming out on the Patania family jewelry somewhere in the fall of 2022. We'll be having a show for the Patania family and a book signing as well.
This is an educational podcast especially in regard to Native American jewelry and Tucson. Art Dealer Diaries episode 179. The Messiers.

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