Veryl Goodnight: Western Painter & Sculptor - Epi. 183, Host Dr. Mark Sublette


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I'm always amazed when I do a podcast and somebody I've known for 25 years or longer like Veryl Goodnight manages to surprise me, and not just surprise me, but enchant me.
Her enthusiasm for what she does and her love of animals is and has always been the driving force for her creativity, from childhood to now. So, artists out there who are wondering, you know, "How do I make a living or what can I do? Or How do I find my passion?" Just listen to this podcast and you're going to see passion on a different level.
It's real. It's palpable. It shows through in her sculptures and in her paintings, and she's always willing to try something new, something different, whether it be horses busting through the Berlin Wall, or working on renditions of sled dogs and the whole history of the relationship between those human and canine counterparts. She looks for things that are interesting, that captivate her imagination, often tied to, I'd almost say, always tied to history in some form or fashion.
She's 75, and I guarantee you the last day of her life, she's going to have either a paintbrush in her hand or clay underneath her fingers. So enjoy this one. Veryl Goodnight on Art Dealer Diaries Podcast episode 183.

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