Podcast 356: Alejo Yael (Yaeltex)


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Despite the fact that I feel like I’m ‘dialed in’ to everything going on in the MI (Music Instrument) industry, sometimes I just get whacked in the head by something unexpected. I got an out-of-the-blue contact from some people in Argentina; when I started digging into https://yaeltex.com/, I was kind of blown away by what I saw – a ‘make what you need’ on-demand MIDI controller company that creates some of the coolest hardware imaginable.

I chatted with Alejo Yael, once of the team that builds the Yaeltex devices. We chat about hardware development, software integration of controllers, the evolution of their business and the nature of doing it in Argentina. But it’s also interesting to hear the passion that is clear in Alejo’s description of what they do – and what they are planning. It also is interesting to see where the imagine their work going in the future.

Enjoy this one, and make sure you check out their work at https://yaeltex.com/!

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