Become an Instagram Famous Artist by using these Reels and TikTok Hacks with Artist Tara Bach


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Arts To Hearts Podcast is all about creating from a safe space to communicate and share the messy and wonderful side of being an Artist. In this episode, Artist Tara Bach takes over shares her favourite tips and tricks of making your art Instagram Famous through Reels & TikTok!

- Putting yourself out there an an artist is a hard task, and now with new things on social media, one can feel overwhelmed! Tara talks about using reels and TikTok as a medium to talk about the everyday struggles of being an artist and show them to the world!

- All you need is your phone, Instagram and Inshort, the video editing app!

- For her, changing to reels and short videos was a way to put forward a new image for herself as an artist and get over struggles of an artist!

- She shares her journey how she started making videos, and how it shaped her practice

- She talks about 4 different platforms to share the content you create and grow as an artist

- Additionally, she shares how she brainstorms her content ideas and plans them out Connect with Tara on Instagram: @bach.tara Website: Keep In Touch With Us at Arts To Hearts Project! @artstoheartsproject

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