GARDEN OF NOSTALGIA: Special Episode with Artists Gina Ariko, Juliet Martin, Sarah Renzi Sanders & Raisa Nosova


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In this Special Podcast Interview, we have four women artists: Gina Ariko, Juliet Martin, Sarah Renzi Sanders and Raisa Nosova along with Artist and Host Charuka Arora!

They talk about Nostalgia as a common thread in their work and how their past experiences have moulded their art practice.

For Gina, her Japanse cultural hybridity and her grandparents have played a great role in her work.

Juliet's work showcases her love and the multiple feeling around it, in her work.

Sarah creates paintings which reflect her childhood memories.

And Raisa displays the bittersweet feeling of motherhood in her work!

This Episode is with the Winners of the #1 Issue of our Call for Artists for Podcast Interviews run in the month of March 2021.

Join these artists as they welcome you in their Gardens of Nostalgia! For the full experience & all the artworks:

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