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Arts To Hearts Project and All SHE Makes have come together to unite womxn belonging to all racial, geographical, social and economic communities!

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Theme: Gaze

Women are often subjected to a gaze which shapes their identity. This gaze is from men, other women, and society at large which makes a woman feel conscious about herself. It signifies a woman to be The Other as she is excluded from the community. The theme for the exhibition is this ‘gaze’, of being a woman, a woman of colour, a person identifying as a woman, an outsider, and any other way of depicting hierarchy.

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Our goal is to document multiple varied voices leading to a strong single female voice by showcasing various perspectives/ experiences of defining this “Gaze”. This exhibit with international womxn artists is an attempt to construct a visual and vocal message with the support of art & women artists. Documentation of ‘the gaze’ that has stopped them, broken them, hurt them, and also set the fire in them to come forward.


We welcome womxn artists, or artists who identify as women, and/or non-binary from all countries and nationality to apply with works in any medium including painting, sculptures, printmaking, and more. Artists who are willing to engage in candid and transparent conversations. We want to bring women artists who are ready to share their journey, their learnings, talk about their brightest moments and vulnerable sides to be a part of this project.


If your work is selected by our guest curator, you will be a part of an Online Exhibition and few selected artists will be a part of All SHE Makes’ #3 Print Issue in the Fall of 2021.

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