Afro-Latino Contours, Code Switching, and Transitional Justice (Part 1)


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In this episode of As In Heaven, hosts Jim Davis and Mike Aitcheson welcome Jon Aragón and Ameen Hudson to discuss the nuances of the Afro-Latino experience, and the ways in which language and code switching relate to power dynamics from a pastoral and cultural perspective. The group addresses:

  • An introduction to Jon Aragón and Ameen Hudson (1:13)
  • Afro-Latinos in South America (3:50)
  • Afro-Latinidad culture in the US (8:17)
  • Afro-Latina diaspora (17:43)
  • Afro-Carribean, American Descendants of Slavery, and African Americans (24:04)
  • Speaking to White Americans as an Afro-Latino (26:14)
  • African American Vernacular English (30:15)
  • Code switching (39:37)
  • Understanding the heart behind code switching (45:05)
  • “Not sounding like you’re black” (52:26)
  • Code switching in the Christian community (58:22)

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  1. What has been your understanding of the Afro-Latino diaspora? How does this history shape the way we relate to those of Afro-Latino descent?
  2. Why is it important to recognize the unique cultural realities that the Afro-Latino diaspora presents? How does this impact the church?
  3. How have you generally interpreted and understood the history and development of African American Vernacular English (AAE)? How did the history Ameen Hudson presented change your view?
  4. What is code switching? Why do those in minority cultures feel the need to code switch? Why does understanding this help give full affirmation to the humanity of a person?
  5. How does the diversity of language and cultures offer a beautiful picture of who God is and how he acts in the world?

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