577: Embracing Uncertainty and Navigating Tomorrow’s World with Jordan Gross


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In today’s episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and my guest, Jordan Gross, as we talk about the four distinct mindsets during uncertainties and how behaviors help people cultivate opportunities by navigating change. Jordan shares how development is better taught through parables and fables as someone who leverages the relatability of creative storytelling. From there, he also speaks on his new book “What Happens in Tomorrow World?” and its arcade-like approach to representing the future and life’s uncertainties. There’s a lot to take notes from in this episode, so make sure to tune in to Jordan.

Personal Development Through Story Telling

Instead of a prescriptive approach, Jordan uses a different manner to teaching development through storytelling. He shares that fun and adventure are a must in his life. Which is the reason why stories with zig-zaggy and non-linear flows always resonate with Jordan. For him, this particular nature of parables and fables, if used creatively, can also be a potent tool for teaching lessons and morals, as proven precisely in his latest book. With the emotional appeal of stories that draw people in, readers find it easier to pay attention to details and find themselves in the levels of every character. Storytelling can teach lessons by leaving people with the opportunity to make their own decisions and assessment after the story. Jordan sees this differently from the ‘do this do that’ type of teaching that often lacks relatability. Because stories take a more creative and stimulating approach to connecting with the reader’s mind, people are then allowed to learn different messages from stories using their own imaginations without losing their autonomy.

Outline of the episode:

  • [04:03]On embracing the uncertainties of life.
  • [07:00]The 4 Common Mindsets That Arise During Uncertainties.
  • [11:01]Personal development through creative storytelling.
  • [12:45]Over-optimism can exist too; Is optimism always the answer?
  • [15:05]Toxic positivity and genuine positivity.
  • [16:55]How can you turn your passion into sustainable business opportunities?
  • [22:59] “Opportunity precedes passion.”
  • [26:51]Is there a correlation between solitude and opportunity?
  • [28:52]What is Tomorrow World?
  • [31:51]Have something you can call “yours only” that can make a difference.


Website: https://jordan-gross.com/

Grab your copy of Tomorrow World now: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/195066595X

Also, check out The Journey to Cloud Nine: https://www.amazon.com/Journey-Cloud-Nine-Confront-Redefine-ebook/dp/B0815S6DY3

Jordan’s Book Inspiration: https://www.amazon.com/Moved-Cheese-Spencer-Johnson-M-D/dp/0743582853

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