578: How to Develop Your Referable Brand Idea with Michael Roderick


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In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join Michael Roderick and me to discuss the frameworks to developing a referable brand and the approach to relationship building. Often, when people network, all they do is scatter shock. Instead, Michael explains why intention and an effort to spark curiosity are vital when building your connections. Michael also discusses how information can be carried more quickly when it's simple and has an emotional impact in the face of academia that rewards complexity. As someone big on patterns, for Michael, frameworks can be found even in reflection and self-awareness. Find out more about how you can be referable in this episode as you tune in to Michael Roderick!

The T.C.M. Index

When it comes to teaching, most of the time, nothing is being taught within the space of relationship building. If there is, it's always nothing profound. But for Michael, relationship building is an essential topic to factor in if one wants to be an efficient connector. Following that, Michael came up with the T.C.M. Index. The T.C.M. Index is an acronym that stands for Time, Connections, and Money that most individuals don't have in them in one complete package. Michael also found that there are always surplus and deficits present in these resources. And to establish an effective connection, relationship, or partnership—leveraging the differences of these resources is key. The answer to solving any deficit is in the other two things. If you lack time but have the money to invest, someone skilled and available can be a potential partner for your goal. If you're an expert working on a startup, linking up with someone who has connections will make pulling in investors a lot easier for you. Basically, the T.C.M. Index gives the framework to what Michael believes: "the keys to all the doors we need to open are in other people's pockets."

Outline of the episode:

  • [04:11]On teaching and the love for theater.
  • [07:25]Developing your craft and building your network can exist outside of school.
  • [12:47] You need to be intentional about the relationships you're building.
  • [17:27]Are you creating interest, curiosity, or intrigue?
  • [21:59]On the effects of emotional appeal and simplicity.
  • [28:33]Most relationships are built because you listen, not because you talk.
  • [32:44]What we can learn from comedians about market research.
  • [39:58]End your day by asking your G.I.F.T.
  • [45:47] The core behind Small Pond Podcast and Access to Anyone Podcast.
  • [48:23]Reversing the reality on how more subpar ideas get extraordinary marketing.


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