589: Building Businesses Anywhere with Jubril Agoro


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In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and Jubril Agoro as we speak about his ways of reaching his target audience on the internet and the value he's garnered from traveling around the world as the Founder and Innovative Marketer behind Passport Heavy. Through Jubril's program, he showcases the varying possibilities of the life of a digital nomad and how different places aren’t always what they appear to be through mainstream perception. As a successful self-proven digital entrepreneur, Jubril also explains how understanding your audience can ultimately take you to your brand's promised land.

Through Passport Heavy

Because of Jubril's travel program, Passport Heavy, he had the opportunity to experience the different cultures and places worldwide beyond what is usually presented in media. Because of this, he also discovered a lot of misconceptions. For instance, Africa. During COVID, with strict protocols and safety measures, Jubril traveled to multiple African countries. Just two of them, Rwanda and Ghana. If we turn to mainstream movies, articles, and news coverage, Rwanda and Ghana would be seen just like every other African country is presented – left behind, third-world, and poor. But for Jubril, who experienced it first hand, it was different. In his own words, "Rwanda was an amazing place." During his stay in the African countries, Jubril boasts one of the most advanced COVID systems and internet connectivity he's ever experienced in the number of places he's visited globally. As proof of the region's quality of life, Social-Media-Giant Twitter recently opened its African headquarter in Ghana… Through Passport Heavy, Jubril aims to accomplish more of this – telling all the different stories that people don't hear about.

Outline of the episode:

  • [04:02]Biggest lesson on eCommerce.
  • [08:37]How do you start engaging copies?
  • [11:58]The power of Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • [15:50]Your target market isn't just always in one place.
  • [20:38]I like to tell people the stories they don't know.
  • [26:52]Jubril Agoro – people don't need to always understand my narrative.
  • [28:05]Mindset is a daily ritual.
  • [31:08]The Next Thing: Passport Heavy
  • [34:00]What people do not know about Africa.
  • [37:11] I show people the possibilities they're not aware of.


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