History of Spam and Impact on Asian Pacific Islander Cuisine


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Welcome to Episode 36 of the Asian American History 101 podcast! It’s time for another food episode, but instead of focusing on a specific cuisine or culture, we’re talking about Spam! Created 84 years ago, Spam is one of the truly American products that has had far reaching impact in Asian Pacific Islander cuisine. Hear about the history of Spam and how it came to be popular in places like Hawai’i, Korea, the Philippines, and Guam. We also take time to talk about a great organization, Heart of Dinner, that is working towards helping reduce food insecurity in elderly Asian Americans in NYC. You can learn more about their fantastic work or donate to them in the link above. Continue to learn more and visit our site at https://asianamericanhistory101.libsyn.com or https://linktr.ee/AAHistory101 for social media. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at info@1882media.com.


  • 0:26 Personal Memories of Spam
  • 4:55 History of Spam and its Impact on Asian and Pacific Islander Cuisine
  • 15:22 Great Organizations, Heart of Dinner

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