Minisode on Anti-Asian Hate and Violence


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Welcome to Episode 13! Co-hosts Gen & Ted Lai introduce the minisode format. It’s a bonus short episode between the weekly episodes… hence a minisode. Like many other people, we have been concerned about the increase in anti-Asian hatred and violence that has been impacting Asian Americans across the U.S. In this episode we provide a quick history of anti-Asian violence and discuss the possible causes of the recent upsurge. We also suggest a few things you can do about it. If you’ve been a victim of anti-Asian violence or hate, then report it. One place to do so is through Stop AAPI Hate. You can also get help through Asian Americans Advancing Justice and mental health resources through the Asian Mental Health Collective. For more information and show notes, visit our Libsyn homepage at or check out our Linktree at for our other links. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email us at

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