KSQD 12-30-2020: Lots of health news: Coronavirus vaccines, cancer detection, E-cigarettes, CRISPR...


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Vaccine and an experimental drug to treat Ebola squashed the 2018 Ebola outbreak in the Congo; HIV elite controllers seem to completely eliminate the virus; Palforzia is a new drug to fight peanut allergies; New salivary gland was discovered this year; The type of heating element in E-cigarette is associated with severe lung effects; Poor centralized leadership is hampering distribution of Coronavirus vaccines -- Different vaccines are compared; A non-invasive test to diagnose cancer four years before it is usually found; Caller question about contamination in prescription drugs; CRISPR experiments show epigenetic effects; A clever sound-based device to deliver modified DNA into our cells; Long time listener asks about allergy remedies; All about the giant murder hornets; Ninety percent of diagnosed Penicillin allergies are mostly just a single adverse reaction

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