KSQD 6/17/2020: The price of COVID-19; Lots of science news from the annual IFM conference


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Million dollar bills for Coronavirus treatments -- we need a national healthcare system! Safe levels of coffee drinking, which has good antioxidant properties; Mea culpa for confusing Omega 3 and Omega 6 in discussion of seed oils last week; New research for drugs and berberine to lower cholesterol; More research reviews from the virtual IFM conference: Dr. Nathan Price, Institute for Systems Biology -- Detailed health monitoring reveals the Metabolome and interactions with the microbiome; Genetic complexities in lowering cholesterol; Omega 3 oils are bad if you have ALS -- A heavy metals effect? The very difficult problem of good design for nutrition research -- The central question is What To Eat to be healthy! Promising new treatment for Turettes Syndrome; Herpes virus and Alzheimers research using minibrain cell cultures

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