KSQD 9-09-2020: Promising research news for COVID-19, breast cancer, dyslexia, myopia, weight loss


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Air quality website gives excellent local data all over the US: https://gispub.epa.gov/airnow; All about myopia, including a new treatment strategy; How safe is eating by take-out or in restaurants with outside seating? Corona vaccine news including vaccine companies pledge to do safety testing and not rush to market; Important study supports that high dose Vitamin D helps reduce Coronavirus severity; Caller relates a femur fracture experience; statins in elderly also discussed; The honeybee venom peptide melittin kills breast cancer cells and augments chemotherapy; Transcranial electrical stimulation to treat dyslexia; More about the use of air filters and heat treatment for mold control and Coronavirus; New virtual reality gloves with improved sensation of touch may have telemedicine applications; CRISPR modification of fat cells turns modify white cells to be more like brown fat cells that help weight loss

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