KSQD Radio: The virus show! Influenza and coronavirus to bacteriophages and other new antibiotics


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We are having a nasty influenza season, in addition to the coronavirus problem; Dietary support to induce bacteriophages, viruses that attack bad bacteria; Bacteriophages used to treat stunted growth in children; Hope for Chinese herbs treatment for Coronavirus, but detailed biochemistry analysis says otherwise; A generous but elderly blood donor asks if he should have a colonoscopy; Electroacupuncture technique to treat stroke effects by increasing brain blood flow; Can we guess your age based on your skin microbes? A green algae can treat irritable bowel disease; The first influenza strains you are exposed to influences your reactions to future strains; Dealing with death of a loved one -- sometimes the anxiety reaction is a real cardiac condition; Possible treatment of Schizophrenia using MicroRNA to regulate gene transcription; A new strategy for antibiotics prevents the growth of bacterial cell walls; Reversing inflammation that causes aging -- turning off the inflammasome!

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