KSQD Show: Over a dozen short medical news and advice topics from Coronavirus to 3D printed organs


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Deep vein thrombosis in an astronaut; Is strontium supplement good or bad for treating bone loss? More news about the Coronavirus problem -- detection is difficult; Premature and surgical menopause have increased risk of cardiovascular disease; A topical estrogen product caused her dog to have too much estrogen! The interesting problem of surfer myelopathy; 3D printing solution for skin replacement for wound and burn cases; 4D printing needles for drug delivery and biosensing; The difficult problem of 3D printing of complex whole organs; Human genome from 5700 year old chewing gum reveals interesting secrets! Does homework for Asian children cause them to become mypopic? How bacteria transmit antibiotic resistance and the problem of poor incentives for new antibiotics; The health benefits and possible problems of edible seaweed products; Trazodone is the most recommended sleep drug from Dr Dawn; Granulocytes induced to becoming fertilizable oocytes in mice; The common ACL tear can cause reduction in the corticospinal tract function; New science criticizes soybean oil

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